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Vehicle antenna hits power line

  • What happened?

    A seismic layout crew were setting up equipment.

    The two-person crew were driving in between locations when the roof mounted antenna hit a powerline, 7 feet/2 metres off the ground.

    The crew turned off the ignition, exited the vehicle and moved away from it.

    The vehicle with an antenna on the roof. The vehicle is positioned underneath four overhead power lines.
  • Why did it happen?

    Power line was noted on the hazard map, but overall height was not mentioned. This was not a requirement but should have been.

    Driver was distracted by having to look at two screens (receiver points system and hazard map tablet).

    Driver’s vertical visual field was obstructed by the hazard map tablet mount.

    No risk assessment was conducted to assess the risk of height modifications after mounting the antenna.

    Power line was not within minimum height requirements as established by local regulations.

    The view from inside the vehicle. The map table holder positioned at the top of the front window causing a restricted view out of the front window.
  • What did they learn?

    Powerline hazard identification should include approximate heights to ensure vehicles safely travel beneath.

    Monitors and devices will be mounted so that the driver’s and rider’s field of vision will not be obstructed.

    Risk assessment should be conducted when modifying vehicle height to ensure additional risks are communicated and mitigated.

    When approaching powerlines/overhead hazards with any equipment, operators will exit the vehicle and ensure they can navigate safely beneath.

    Actions to take if a powerline contacts your vehicle:

    • Assume it's live
    • Stay put
    • Call emergency number
    • Warn others
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  • Ask yourself or your crew

    How can something like this happen here?

    What other actions could have been taken?

    What would you do if the hazard map for today’s job does not include the approximate heights of the hazards?

    What similar hazards do we face in today’s task?

    What should we do differently about these hazards?

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Published on 02/12/19 1493 Views 1 likes

While setting up equipment, a crew’s vehicle hit the overhead powerline. The overhead powerline was noted on the hazard map, but overall height was not mentioned.