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Here you will find extra Toolbox materials and resources to help you and your teams raise awareness and better learn from past incidents.

Learning from incidents (LFI) webinar series

As part of the Energy Institute’s Toolbox project, we hosted a series of monthly webinars that run throughout 2022, exploring various topics to help organisations better learn from past incidents. The full recordings are now available here and in the Energy Institute's Youtube channel .

Toolbox presents | Learning from other industries - How can we do this better?

January 2022

Toolbox presents | A Toolbox to help frontline workers learn from incidents

February 2022

Toolbox presents | Line of fire - What can we learn from previous incidents?

March 2022

Toolbox presents | The role of leadership in accident investigations

April 2022

Toolbox presents | Learning from what goes right

May 2022

Toolbox presents | Lifting operations - What can we learn from past incidents?

June 2022

Toolbox presents | The importance of just culture when managing non compliance

July 2022

Toolbox presents | New ways of workplace training using Virtual Reality

October 2022

Toolbox presents | Road safety - What can we learn from previous incidents?

December 2022

Closed captions & subtitles: To activate them you can play the video in full screen (or on YouTube) and click the 'Subtitles/closed captions (c)' button. Then to see subtitles in a different language click on the 'Settings' button and choose your preferred language. Note: This enables automatically generated CC's and subtitles by YouTube, their accuracy may vary and it is not being verified by the Energy Institute.

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