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Frequently asked questions

It holds incident lessons shared by global companies and safety information for you to use at work every day, helping you and your team to get home safe. Developed by the Energy Institute, Toolbox is a free progressive web app (PWA), this means it is a website that acts like an app - view it offline and save to your phone home screen.

Toolbox is free to use for everyone. You'll find it really useful if you're a frontline worker, a supervisor or a HSE professional.

Toolbox is copyrighted to the Energy Institute. While the content on Toolbox has come from various sources, it has been licensed to the Energy Institute. The Energy Institute is licensed to make this content freely available. Users of Toolbox are granted permission to use the content from Toolbox for non-commercial purposes (i.e. content cannot be re-sold). Use of content during a (commercially run or otherwise) training course, consultancy activity, or as a case study for a publication is allowed, providing this is referenced as ‘Energy Institute, Toolbox (’.

Toolbox can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android) that runs a supported operating system. Toolbox will work on most browsers. Unfortunately, not all web browsers support all advanced Toolbox features. Please see below:

Browser Access offline Receive notifications in 'My Toolbox' Receive push notifications Save content to My Toolbox
Chrome / * / / * /
Edge X / / /
Firefox / * / / * /
Internet explorer X / / /
Opera mobile X / X /
Safari / / / /
PWA on iOS / / X /
PWA on Android / / / /

* Except on iOS

Select the ‘Save to My Toolbox’ icon next to the content you want to save. Go to My Toolbox to view the content that you have saved.

Select the ‘Read offline’ icon next to the content you want to save. When you are offline, the saved content will be available under My Toolbox.

Go to My Toolbox. Select ‘Preferences’. Tick or untick which categories you would like to receive notifications from. Under the ‘Languages’ tab, tick which languages you would like to receive notifications in. When you update your preferences, you will receive a confirmation message at the bottom of your screen.

Toolbox treats each device separately. If you want to receive notifications on more than one device, you need to set up your preferences on each device.