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Toolbox FAQs

Toolbox is a health and safety website. It provides information about learning from incidents. Toolbox has been built with technologies that enable you to save content and access it offline.

Toolbox is free to use for everyone. You'll find it really useful if you're a frontline worker, a supervisor or a HSE professional.

Toolbox is copyrighted to the Energy Institute. While the content on Toolbox has come from various sources, it has been licensed to the Energy Institute. The Energy Institute is licensed to make this content freely available. Users of Toolbox are granted permission to use the content from Toolbox for non-commercial purposes (i.e. content cannot be re-sold). Use of content during a (commercially run or otherwise) training course, consultancy activity, or as a case study for a publication is allowed, providing this is referenced as ‘Energy Institute, Toolbox (’.

Toolbox has been built as a progressive web app (PWA) using technologies that enable the user to save content offline. We have built and tested Toolbox on popular browsers. However, not all browsers support all of its features. Please see the table for more information.

Browser Read offline Notifications on My Toolbox? Push notifications? Save to My Tooolbox
Chrome  *  *
Firefox  *  *
Internet Explorer
Opera mobile
Progressive Web Application (PWA) on iOS
Progressive Web Application (PWA) on Android

*On iOS, additional native app browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) will not work offline or receive push notifications.
*Internet Explorer is a depreciated/discontinued browser and does not support all of the technologies that modern websites are built with. We recommend using Chrome for the optimum user experience.
*This table is regularly updated.

You can search for content by using the search box located at the top of the page. You can also browse by work activities or high risk situations in two ways: scroll down the homepage and choose a category, or choose from the main menu at the top of the page.

Select the icon "Save to My Toolbox" next to the content you would like to save. Go to My Toolbox to access to the content you saved.

To save the content to read offline, click on the button "Read offline" next to the content you would like to save. Go to My Toolbox to see the content online or offline mode.

To change your preferences, go to My Toolbox, select the Preference tab, then tick or untick which categories you would like to receive notifications from.

Toolbox treats each device separately. If you want to receive notifications on more than one device, you need to set up your preferences on each device.

Most browsers will show the pop-up message 'Add Toolbox to Home screen' with instructions on how to create a Home screen shortcut. This will enable Toolbox to provide a full native-app experience.

If your browser doesn't display the instructions message, you can still create a shortcut on your Home screen to access Toolbox with a single tap. On your browser, tap the Menu button in Android or the Share button in iOS, and then choose the option 'Add to Home screen' or 'Install'.