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Swinging crane load causes fatality

  • What happened?

    A work crew were moving equipment on a worksite using a 50-tonne crane.

    They prepared to lift a 10.9 tonnes (24,000lbs) gearbox and crank arm assembly mounted on a pedestal.

    Only 10 out of the 12 anchor bolts had been removed. A worker was removing the two remaining bolts, in the crane operator’s line-of-sight.

    They instructed the field tech to retrieve the tagline in preparation for the lift.

    The crane operator lifted the assembly load.

    The crane boom was off-centre, so the load swung round.

    The crankarm of the assembly struck the worker, pinning them against the gearbox pedestal.

    The worker died from their injuries.

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  • Why did it happen?

    The crane was not prepared for a lift:

    • The boom was positioned off-centre preventing a level lift.
    • The drive belts were not removed.
    • Only 10 out of 12 of the bolts were removed before the activity.

    A worker was in the exclusion zone/line of fire.

    Failure to observe lifesaving rules requirements for lifting and rigging.

    Inadequate task planning, team coordination and situational awareness.

    Re-enactment - Fully assembled pump unit and  worker’s position
  • What did they learn?

    Confirm that workers involved in lifting and rigging can describe lifesaving rules. Provide refresher training if needed.

    Verify that high risk activities (e.g. lifting and rigging) are carried out with appropriate supervision.

    Perform task-based assessments (for lifting and rigging activities) periodically to confirm effective execution of lifesaving rules requirements and procedural compliance.

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  • Ask yourself or your crew

    How can something like this happen here?

    What safety procedures should you follow for lifting and rigging activities?

    What pre-use checks do you carry out on your cranes? Do you perform these before every lift?

    Do you have appropriate supervision for all your tasks?

    What safety measures do we have in place to prevent this from happening? How can we improve?

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Published on 24/05/21 157 Views 0 likes

A work crew were moving equipment on a worksite using a 50-tonne crane. The assembly load swung round and pinned a worker, causing fatal injuries.