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ISC Safety Lore Issue 4 - Key lessons from incidents relating to ageing

Published on 03/10/23 189 Views

Ageing of industrial facilities is a well-known phenomenon which has a broader implication that goes far beyond corrosion management. It is sometimes mistakenly believed that ageing is about how old the establishment or the equipment is. However, ageing of industrial plants has a wider meaning which indicates the degradation of the equipment in use, its overall condition and the change in its condition over time. Everything associated with a site and its processes can age, not only equipment but people, procedures and technologies. These physical states, mechanisms and organisational elements can lead to major incidents.

Ask yourself and your crew:

  • How can something like this happen here (e.g. on our site)?
  • What safety measures (i.e. procedures, controls/barriers) do we have in place to mitigate the risk?
  • How do we know the risk controls/barriers are working?
  • What improvements or changes should we make to the procedures, controls/barriers or the way we work?

Original content courtesy of IChemE Safety Centre